Client: UGL


Alcoa required redesign of the existing B42 potable water network consisting multiple safety showers, process equipment, high pressure water outlets, and drinking fountains within and around the building. Over time the existing network had been modified, bypassed, extended and repaired and no longer reflected the design drawings. JMD Engineering were engaged by UGL to complete the engineering and design for a modified stainless steel system.


JMD Engineering determined the optimal design methodology to redesign the existing system comprising; Site laser scanning and measurement for accurate capture of the existing system. Conceptual modelling and flow analysis of the redesigned system and detailed design and drafting of the modified pipe network

We worked in close collaboration with the client to ensure the redesigned system was suitable for their requirements and in accordance with applicable site and regulatory standards. Flow network modelling was carried out on a variety of flow scenarios to ensure the new system met all minimum flow requirements. The new potable water system has been successfully installed using our detailed design drawings meeting all client expectations.