CLIENT: Talison Lithium


Project Location: Talison Greenbushes Mine Site Date Completed: 2016

Talison Lithium required a new wash down facility for light vehicles at their Greenbushes Mine Site. JMD were engaged to provide engineering design for a new concrete structure to house the facility including concrete retaining, sump and support of OEM wash down unit. The chosen location for the wash down bay was in an old tailings area, increasing the complexity of the geotechnical assessment.


JMD worked in close consultation with Talison to optimize the design of the wash down bay concrete support structure. We revised the original client preferred design which was based on a sloped wall concrete sump to include a vertical rear concrete support/retaining wall for increased load bearing capacity and better constructability. We also maximised the slope on all internal surfaces to minimize the risk of material build up from the vehicle wash down. We supplied full engineering verification and certification by our chartered engineering personnel including provision of all concrete details, specifications and notes. The wash down sump has been constructed and is in successful operation.