CLIENT South32


Project Location: Boddington WA

South32 is using their existing belt reeler to change out the conveyor belt on several conveyors. South 32 engaged JMD Engineering for the design, engineering and drafting for a removable support stand to use the belt reeler on the C410001 & C410006 conveyors.


The existing belt reeler and surrounding structure has been scanned with the JMD Engineering 3D scanner. This allowed the belt change stands to be modelled accurately to ensure the belt reeler is adequate supported without clashing with existing infrastructure. The two conveyors have different belt widths and the stand is designed to be used on either conveyor. The maximum allowable WLL and pull force of the belt reeler have been used to engineer the structure and footings. The Belt Change Stands had to fit in around existing infrastructure, which caused a challenge due to restricted space for bracing and footings. The final design is simple, removable and complies with all regulations and standards.